Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lipstick and Lingerie!

Ooooh La-la!!!
Just about every woman (and man) associates Victoria's Secret with sexy lingerie or awesomely fashionable gym attire. BUT did you know their are some makeup gems to be had here as well?

We've all ventured to the perfume and lotion side of the store many times, whether it was to buy some body spray or just smell all the new scents. If you've been there you've probably seen the little makeup kiosk floating in the middle of most VS stores. The Beauty Rush series is obviously very popular with the teen crowd because of all the shimmery eyeshadows and yummy shiny glosses but how many of you have taken a closer look at the more 'grown up' side to their makeup?

I've done my fair share of swatching and playing around at this floating island of VS makeup goodies and I've found a few gems (in its limited edition lines in particular)! 

I'm not going to lie, the majority of their makeup whether its foundations, powders, blushes, eyeshadows, or even lipsticks are just COVERED with glitter or shimmer of some kind! It definetely fits in with the theme of sexy, shiny, glow, sparkly...well you get the picture!

All shimmer aside I must say I still really do love the texture and formula of their eyeshadows! They all have this wonderful, soft, velvety feel to them! I wouldn't reccommend doing a look using ONLY VS eyeshadows but if you're looking for a shimmery highlight or maybe a shimmery pop of color to add to a certain look then its definetely nice to have a couple floating around in your collection! 

While taking a look around my local VS this week I took notice of their new Spring Limited Edition line. I loved the brightly colored packaging on the eyeshadows right away and the colors were very beautiful in palette but were just too shimmery and didnt have enough actual color payoff for me to warrant buying when I had just purchased some other eyeshadows recently. One palette was a grouping of gorgeous liac purples in a hot pink case and the second were shades of teal and blue in a bold teal case. 
I was however, VERY drawn to the highlight color in the collection! A gorgeous light pink in the case but came off very sheer and translucent when applied. Not to mention the beautiful diamond effect pattern on the actual makeup! Naturally it is an insanely shimmery product but doesnt contain any larger sparkles so it's not going to look like a fairy exploded on your cheeks! It had that same soft and velvety feel of their eyeshadows and I must admit was a little addicting to touch! I didn't pick it up on this particular trip but I do think I may be going back for it before the collection disappears from shelves!

And of course what limited edition collection would be complete without some lipsticks and glosses? There were a couple lipglosses and four lipsticks that were grouped in with this collection. Since I'm not a huge fan of their lipglosses I didnt pick any up. The lipsticks were very pretty but nothing too terribly special so I ended up passing on them as well. The packaging was nice to look at, the shades were quite pigmented, and the formula was moisturizing enough, but none of the shades screamed for my PERSONAL attention.

One thing I did grab from the new Spring line is one of their eyeliner duo pencils in Show Off. One end is this beautiful matte taupey purple and the other end a gorgeous shimmery (no surprise there) baby pink.

One thing I really love about the pink end of this pencil is the fact that you can line and leave it alone for a beautiful frosty pink look OR you can completely smudge it out and get tons of large sparkle pay off! I plan on using the smudge technique to use this pencil as a sort of top coat or accent to certain looks! If you do plan on wearing the pink side in its concentrated form I would reccomend using an eye seal product like Makeup Forever's EyeSeal just to make sure if you accidentally rub your eye you dont end up with a glitter explosion and drastically change the look you were going for.

As for the purple side I think this is going to be a great softer alternative to using black eyeliner. Whether its on the upper lashline or the bottom waterline and lashline black eyeliner can look very harsh. That may be perfect for a sultry smokey eye but with spring right around the corner and the big trend being neons and pastels a black line can be far too harsh. Using this taupey purple will allow you to still have the definition you need and want but with a softer appearance!

Overview: Next time your in your local Victoria's Secret take a look at the makeup section. You might just find that perfect lipstick or an amazing shimmery eyeshadow to complete that night on the town look! Do be weary if you have a lot of fine lines or wrinkles because this makeup is overloaded on shimmer which will settle into those fine lines accentuating your problem areas. Always practice safe shimmer/sparkle useage! DON'T GO OVERBOARD!

*Avoid VS makeup if you have a lot of fine lines!
*Check out the limited edition lines for some limited edition goodies!
*If going for a concentrated look with the shimmer end of your liner duo use an eyeshadow sealant to keep it from smudging on accident!
*Use your shimmer end smudged out for a pop of sparkle on any eyeshadow look!
*No one wants to look like a fairy (unless its halloween)! Dont go overboard with shimmer!

Love and kisses on stilletto clad angel's wings ;)

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